this is joan watson she keeps me from doing heroin - my patches from Margin came today im very...
I'm Cielo! I'm currently a SUNY Fredonia student in the Visual Arts and New Media Program. I have a kawaii boyfriend named Clay and I love him a lot! Questions and such are always welcome

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10th September 2013

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my patches from Margin came today im very excited!!!!!!!! they look beautiful and im going to make a raleigh becket jacket for myself, in a perfect world before halloween but i know its not gonna happen coz i cant find a jacket thats good enough for me :c
but yeah eee now i just have to find da perfect jacket, get an embroidered nametag, and figure out how im going to recreate the gipsy danger logo and the pinup girl hahahahaha -dies-

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  1. themarginistoosmall said: I’m so happy you like them !
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